One Step At A Time (Motivational Running Advice)

motivational running adviceI ran two miles today.

Like, full out, without stopping, I ran two miles.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “WOW Emily…way to go…that is soooo far.”

Yeah right. I know what you’re thinking. The same thing I’m thinking: two miles is nothing. You see, I have friends who are training for running their next marathon. I know people who can run a 5k every day like it’s no big deal. And while I am so proud of them, I have to admit that there is also a little piece of insecurity within me that says I’m not good enough. If I can’t even run a 5k, then it’s not worth it.

But the truth is this: it IS worth it.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t run a marathon. What matters is that you are trying. What matters is that you are making progress. What matters is that you are better today than you were yesterday.

What matters is that with each step you take, you are one step closer to the shape you want to be.

And don’t just be satisfied with where you are. Be satisfied with where you are going. Good for you. Don’t give up.

That’s my little piece of motivational running advice for today!


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    Don't feel insecure about 2 miles. That is AMAZING! Seriously, you're way ahead of the majority of people. When I first started running, I had to stop every 5 minutes and walk because I couldn't breathe. Running is such a fantastic accomplishment. Good job! Funny…I actually just posted about running yesterday on my blog :)

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    this is amazing advice! between bad feet, legs, and lungs, running is really hard for me. i remember one time after running on the treadmill, i told my husband "I ran a full mile today without walking at all!" and i was so proud of myself before i realized how lame that sounded. but i should be proud. because i worked hard to get there and i really pushed myself. i'm going to keep

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    Great post! On congrats on hitting 2 miles! I know how that feels completely! I ran for 25 minutes and hit my best record too (I usually have to walk every few minutes). When people say they go out and ran 6, 7, 10+ miles all I can think is Dang, you're crazy! So good for you with 2! Every little bit counts :)

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    I definetly needed to read this today! Been in a total slump that I just haven't been able to get out of lately! But like the above poster stated, everyone needs to start somewhere! My start needs to be getting off my couch and at least putting my shoes on, then maybe tomorrow I can think of actually getting out my front door!

    Newest follower!

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