How to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

how to keep your house smelling fresh

There are a lot of things I love about renting an apartment.

First, when things break, we don’t have to worry about paying to fix them. Just last week, our washing machine completely broke. Thankfully, our amazing apartment maintenance purchased and installed a new one for us within the week – at no cost.

Also, it’s fun having a pool, gym, and tennis courts less than 100 yards away. And not feeling “stuck” in one place if next year we decide we want to move somewhere else.

But with all of the positives of renting, there are also some big negatives.

For one, it can be difficult to justify “throwing money away” instead of investing it into a mortgage.

Also, there’s just something about the neighbors in an apartment complex vs. a neighborhood. Everyone just comes and goes, sometimes without even saying hi.

But probably the worst thing about an apartment is the smell. The people who used to live just across the hall from us smoke, and we would leave the house for the weekend and come back with it smelling like smoke. We wondered if our apartment always smelled like that and we had just gotten used to it! [Read more…]

Lay’s Do Us A Flavor: You Could Win $1,000,000!

lays flavor contest

Have you heard of Lay’s flavor contest called “Do Us A Flavor?”

It’s such a unique, fun idea.

Lay’s is looking for people to share their best potato chip flavor ideas, and the person with the best flavor wins the grand prize of one million dollars!

This year, they are adding an exciting new factor where you include the location that inspired your idea.

Have you entered yet? If so, what is your idea?

Mine is “Lay’s Old Bay Wavy Potato Chips.”

These would essentially be classic, wavy potato chips sprinkled with the hint-of-spice Old Bay seasoning.

lays flavor contest

This idea is inspired by my current location of Maryland, commonly known as the best state for eating crabs.

Hudson and I absolutely love to go out for dinner and order a half bushel or so of Old Bay-covered crabs to split! There’s just something about the thrill of the hunt for good crab meat inside those tiny little creatures, while enjoying good conversation together, that is exciting.

Beyond just our current location, I have always been a big fan of the beach. My grandparents’ have a beach house, and my two favorite things are being on the water (whether it be swimming, tubing, kayaking, or boating) and catching and eating crabs!

So Old Bay seasoned (to remind me of crabs), wavy potato chips (to remind me of the beach) would be a great reminder for me of my current home, as well as my childhood of growing up loving going to the beach.

lays flavor contest

I love this new twist on the contest, because I have used location-inspired idea for many meals I’ve created. Who said Old Bay can’t go on just about anything?!

Although there’s something about Lay’s classic potato chips and – one of my new favorites – the chile limón flavored ones, Old Bay potato chips would definitely be my favorite!

If you have not entered the contest, you can enter here, through Lay’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, or by texting FLAVOR to CHIPS (24477). You have until March 30, 2015 to enter.

Lay’s will choose four finalist flavors to fully develop and sell, and America will vote on the winner.

Once you enter, comment below – I would love to hear your idea!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

An Interview with Sean Lowe: Marriage Advice & Date Night Ideas

sean loweLast week, Hudson and I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Sean Lowe.

Sean met his wife, Catherine, on season 17 of The Bachelor. And Hudson and I have enjoyed following them on Instagram and Twitter ever since. In a world where Hollywood glamorizes “fairytale” romance as something so far from what marriage was created to be, it’s such an encouragement to see the way their marriage shines brightly for Jesus and is founded on so much truth.

We especially love how genuine Sean & Catherine are. Being best friends with your spouse is such a gift, and we love how they aren’t afraid to share their goofy side with the world! We’ve only been married 2.5 years, but one of our favorite parts of marriage is being able to laugh together. It sure is inspiring to see them keeping it real by displaying that through their platform.

Hudson and I got to interview Sean for our blog after he spoke at Liberty University, our alma mater. Sean shared some great advice, such as to not wait to live for God – but live for Him now – because “at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is expanding the kingdom of God.”

He was also really genuine about how ridiculous (yet captivating) the show can be. “They capture your misery; that’s why the show is so great.” Hudson especially got a kick out of him explaining how when people say it must have been awesome to date 25 girls at once, he says “No, I had to put up with dating 25 crazy girls at once!”

You can watch part of our time with Sean below.

Throughout the morning, Sean shared some “insider” information, such as [Read more…]