Risking Your Life

11124690_10204101513565951_6699872837959744816_nCan I tell you an incredible story?

Last night, my sweet 2-year-old cousin Walker accidentally bumped a parked van into neutral, and it started rolling straight toward a bank with a 15 foot drop.

As it picked up speed, my Uncle Fred risked his life to save his son.

He sprinted after the van, dove through its door, and cradled Walker in his arms as they fell over the bank together. They were ejected from the van and it rolled over my uncle’s legs, crossed the street, and ultimately smashed into a tree. They are both okay and we are so, so incredibly thankful for the miracle of their lives.

But the more I think about their story, the more I realize this is the story of us all.

Our lives are in neutral. We are falling over the bank, and headed toward the valley of death. But just like Uncle Fred risked his life to save his son, so Jesus risked His own life – and in fact, gave His life – so that we…the children of God…could live. He is here, ready to cradle us in His arms if we will only let Him.

I pray that tonight, you will know how loved you are and what a blessing this life is.

Date Idea: Deer Spotting

deer spottingdeer spottingIt’s great having a golf course in your backyard…unless you don’t play golf.

But we’ve learned that even if you’re as bad at golfing as we are, there are still plenty of fun things you can do on a golf course.

One thing that Em and I discovered is that golf courses make a great place to do massive “Easter Egg Hunts” (with golf balls) and the best part is you don’t even have to hide the eggs before you go look for them!

Golf courses also make the perfect place to take a walk. Great landscaping, paved paths, periodic water stations, and maps in case you get lost – golf courses sound like the amusement park for walkers! The only problem is the dozens of golf balls and angry golfers. It would be amusing to just slowly stroll along and make golfers turn red in the face from the frustration of having to wait for you to get out of their way. BUT I make it a practice of mine to not get people with clubs in their hands upset.

Em and I found the perfect way to avoid the angry golfers and enjoy the amusement park for walkers…go when it is completely dark!

We recently got really cool Coleman headlamps and flashlights. We hit the paths, and quickly realized that the other good thing about it being completely dark is that people wouldn’t see how ridiculous we looked walking around a golf course in the middle of the night with headlamps on. :)

One of the flashlights is this super bright spotlight. For fun, Em and I like to point our flashlights directly up in the air and move the beams back in forth to try to make people think that there is some blue light special going on in the middle of the golf course!

One night I got this great idea to go out on a deer hunt armed with nothing but headlamps and flashlights. I knew that there are tons of deer in the area because I spend most drives to and from work swerving out of the way of the deer in the road. I swear that the deer around here just cross the road for fun. It’s like they are playing the game Frogger…only they are deer (would that make the game be called Deerer?) In fact, last year one of the deer hit Em’s van. But we won’t talk about that :) [Read more…]

The Convertible Laptop That’s Rocked Our Tech World

yoga pro 3 review

Being newlywed bloggers living in the DC/Baltimore area means we’re always on the go.

Whether at work, a concert, a museum…or even traveling to speak at blog conferences or to conduct blog coaching sessions…there is always something to keep us busy.

lenovo yoga pro 3 review

While we love having a busy lifestyle, one thing we don’t always enjoy is having to “pack” for each different occasion. Especially when it comes to electronics. There are so many different accessories for our various cameras, speakers, and phones…and don’t even get me started on the computers. I have a work laptop, blogging laptop, and “home” laptop – none of which are very versatile.

lenovo yoga pro 3

The worst thing is when I take my blogging laptop somewhere, only to realize that I need to access something that’s on my other laptop at home. And then there’s the fact that it’d be a lot more convenient to have a tablet for my blog coaching sessions, but I really want a keyboard for blog conferences. I told Hudson the other week that there HAS to be something that combines the best of both worlds. [Read more…]