What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

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Do you remember those commercials, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

Well, let me tell you about what I did this past week. 4th of July week, we love spending at the beach. There is something about the summer sun, waves, fireworks, and lots of great food that just makes it altogether a great combination!

roadtrip snackHowever, there is also the other side of things… sunburn, gritty sand, bug bites, and extremely humid days. To top it all off, this year I got sick. Now, I usually like to consider myself a glass half full type guy, but I do sometimes have my off moments :) One of those was when we were driving home from a great but tiring week and I was “suffering” from the various symptoms I mentioned above. We were on some back road, and I was hungry and really had to pee (never a good combination), when my phone overheated and the GPS stopped working.

Well I’d like to say that Mr. cool, calm, and collective handled the situation with ease and made it the rest of the ride home without any incident, but that isn’t exactly the truth. Em noticed I wasn’t exactly the most happy person in the world, and said something like “Can I help you?” Good thing you weren’t there to see the glare I gave her! At that moment, I declared that we are getting off at the next exit, no matter what.

It just so happened that there was a Walmart at the next exit. I parked the car and stomped off like a 2-year-old for the bathroom, but trying to gingerly to not irritate my sandy sunburn and bug bites.

While I was in the bathroom, Em did quite possibly the nicest thing any human being could have done. She bought me Oreo Klondike kandy bars! They were so good and put cranky old me in a MUCH better mood. I decided to live in the moment and let go of my little stresses the rest of the way home, and Em was SO thankful. But then SHE got upset when the Klondike bar was gone too quickly :) [Read more...]

Backyard Party

girls talking

WOW it’s been a busy (but great) week! We had the best time at the beach for fourth of July. I think the highlight was taking a boat out on the bay to see fireworks, blasting country music and watching 6-7 displays at once. Now THAT is my kind of America.

On Monday, we had a “backyard party” (aka the apartment pool) for our friends. I mentioned this on Instagram, but I feel so blessed because a year and a half ago, we moved to Maryland without knowing ANYONE…and God has given us a fantastic group of friends to laugh with and be encouraged by! We meet every Thursday night for Bible Study, and it’s rare if we don’t hang out at least one other time during the week. :)

guys grilling

Monday evening was beautiful! The best part? The girls sat around and talked while the guys made us dinner :)


cherry limeade

Everyone brought a side, and we — I mean, the guys — grilled hamburgers and hot dogs :)

While I was shopping at Whole Foods for the party, I grabbed a pound of their cherries and made the most incredible cherry limeade drink you HAVE to try!

I think it was partially just because Whole Foods’ organic cherries are so stinking plump and delicious, but here’s the recipe:

Cherry Limeade

3 cups Whole Foods cherries
1/2 cup lime juice
6 cups water
sugar, to taste
ice cubes for serving

1. Pit cherries.
2. Puree cherries and lime juice in blender.
3. Add water and sugar, to taste.
4. Strain the juice.
5. Serve with ice!

What’s your go-to recipe for a backyard party? I’d love to know!