Five Revolutionary Blogging Tips from Bloggy Boot Camp

bloggy boot campLast weekend, Hudson and I had the exciting opportunity to speak at the SITS Girls’ Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia! We had such a nice time…and it was so fun seeing Hud speak to a crowd of 100+ women! I couldn’t help but smile thinking about how this whole blogging thing started as MY passion, but has now become a passion for both of us.

In addition to having fun exploring Philadelphia after the conference was over, Hudson and I really enjoyed connecting with the bloggers there. I was also amazed at how well organized Bloggy Boot Camp was – so much was packed into such a short amount of time, yet it didn’t feel overwhelming!

Today, I thought I’d share five Bloggy Boot Camp blogging tips that will revolutionize how we blog:

1. Increase avenues for passive income.

This includes offering e-books, online courses, and more. For e-books, think about what people are googling in the middle of the night. That’s what they’re willing to buy an e-book for because they can’t go to the store! And for online courses, break down your “signature process” into steps that people can go through on their own so that you don’t need to be present. I’m still struggling with this one, because I love the personal aspect of our coaching sessions, but it’s definitely something to consider for the future.

2. Be intentional about social media.

For every one promotional “link” tweet, tweet eight conversational tweets. Also, direct your bio link to your about page instead of your home page, so that people immediately read about you instead of your latest, random sponsored post. Also, Facebook likes high contrast images (black background with white text) and you should be using PNGs instead of JPGs on the web (I have been using JPGs and wondering why they’re fuzzy)!

3. Track EVERYTHING related to taxes.

Keep all of your receipts and write down any expenses related to blogging. If you aren’t filing taxes for income (whether money or “free stuff”) you get from your blog, start doing it now. It was a good for me to be reminded that, unfortunately, the IRS can audit you as far back as they’d like.

business cards

4. Treat your blog like a business.

Set business hours. Know your end game and then work backwards to the finite daily steps. (If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you figure out how to get there?) Also, if you don’t have business cards, order them today. Hudson and I get compliments all the time from our business cards from Zazzle, and have found that it’s a great way to continue building a relationship with people after meeting them at conferences.

5. Remember your priorities.

Never let your personal relationships suffer by putting your blog first. Stop chasing the balance and just choose to be present wherever you are. Time is flying by, so stop and spend time with the people you love!

If you were at Bloggy Boot Camp (or even if you were not) and would like the link to our presentation, email me!

Captain America Date Night

Captain AmericaThis shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HeroesEatMMs #CollectiveBias

Hudson and I are always looking for creative date night ideas.

Recently, we’ve found that it’s easiest to get creative when we plan the date around a certain theme.

This week, because of the release of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier on DVD, we decided to make a date night in based around Captain America!

Hudson was so cute; he wore his Captain America shirt and everything!

It’s fun seeing the “little” boy side in him (typically Mr. strong man) come out when we’re watching superhero movies!

Are your husbands the same way? I think adults love Captain America just as much as kids too!

The other thing I think adults love just as much as kids is M&M’s®! So I decided to get creative with a fun M&M recipe, and thought I’d share that with you today :) [Read more...]