Christmas Decorations

Christmas treeThis is a compensated sponsored post, though all opinions are my own.

When do you typically begin decorating for Christmas?

Sears & Kmart recently conducted a study which found that 25% of Americans begin setting up Christmas decorations one month before the holiday. And I think Hudson and I are in that boat…we decorated last week!

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations? The study also found that 58% of participants said their most essential Christmas decoration was the tree.

I would have to agree…there is just something about a glowing Christmas tree that makes the whole home feel warmer. And homier.

Ladies, I don’t know if you’re the same as me, but as we decorate our tree I absolutely LOVE to tell the story behind every single ornament. Hudson is always thrilled (not)…but it is so special to me to remember who the ornament came from and the significance behind it!

I would say my decorating style is classic and colorful. This year, I bought Christmas decorations at Sears and was amazed at how inexpensive they were! Here are some of my favorite Christmas decorations from Sears: [Read more…]

The Emotional Stages of Black Friday Shopping

This is a compensated sponsored post, though all opinions are my own. #MoreMerry #SearsBloggerSquad

It’s Monday, which means I need something to make me laugh out loud…how about you?

Well this article from the Huffington Post — “The 15 Emotional Stages of a Black Friday Shopping Trip” — literally has me cracking up.

As I shared yesterday about Black Friday, Hudson and I are those people who wake up at 3 in the morning — and camp outside with tons of layers, hand warmers, and hot chocolate — mainly just for the experience. Of course we get awesome deals, but I am convinced that 90% of the reason we go Black Friday shopping is just for the thrill.

Black Friday shopping is SUCH an emotional roller coaster ride though, as the article points out. I literally transition from #1 “I think I’m still asleep” to #3 “I am mildly frustrated” (or in my terms, WHY in the world are we doing this again?!) to #4 “Christmas is everywhereeee!!” in a heartbeat. And then a couple hours later into the emotional Black Friday shopping roller coaster ride, I’m at #14 “Do you mind if I just…lie down here?” — oh what I would give for a bed! So then of course we go home, crash for the rest of the morning/early afternoon/late afternoon and wake up in time for Friday dinner. Classic. [Read more…]

What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

Black Friday

Are you going Black Friday shopping this year?

If so, what kind of Black Friday shopper are you?

Office Depot created the fun infographic survey to the left for you to find out!

I was told that I am “The Newbie” Black Friday shopper, which — while my answers may lead to that — is not exactly true. Hudson and I have braved the Black Friday crowds together for the last 8+ years!

Remember “back in the day” when the stores opened at 6AM on Friday instead of 6PM (or earlier) on Thursday? Hudson and I would wake up at 3AM after staying up until midnight and camp out with tons of layers, blankets, hand warmers, and hot chocolate.

To me, Black Friday shopping is more so about the experience than the deals. Which is probably why the infographic said I am a newbie. I don’t have all the stores mapped out, and I don’t even have a price comparison app. I just go for the thrill of it!

The great thing about Office Depot is that you can go for the thrill of Black Friday AND still get great deals. They have made everything easy to view ahead of time on their “deal center” site and the prices are their lowest ever.

And in addition to Black Friday deals, they also have great Cyber Monday deals so that if you don’t want to brave the crowds, you can enjoy shopping online from the comfort of your pajamas :)

What’s your strategy for Black Friday shopping this year?

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