Great Weekend & Beach Themed Tablescapes

tablescapesThis Thursday, I’m thankful for a great past weekend with friends and family!

We took our small group friends up to Lancaster for the day. We piled eight of us into the van and started the day off with an impromptu stop for free 7-Eleven slurpees (obviously a great beginning)! We traveled to my family’s house first…mom made a delicious brunch and my dad played everyone in a game of croquet!

After a great time with my family, Hud’s dad took us tubing! We then spent the evening with Hud’s family. His mom is the queen of beautiful tablescapes and created this gorgeous beach themed tablescapes, complete with sand dollars with our names on them. Talk about Pinterest-worthy tablescapes!

As I reflect on the weekend, I’m so thankful for friends who set aside a whole day to travel to our hometown with us! It was so fun having them there and getting to show them around where we grew up.

I am also so thankful for two incredible families who went out of their way to make it a special time. Both Hud’s and my moms have such a gift of hospitality! They made incredible meals and were so sweet to our friends. [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideasI don’t know about you, but Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. And in the past few years, I’ve found that I enjoy giving gifts more than getting them. The only problem is, half the time I can’t think of any good Christmas gift ideas!

You might remember my previous post about Zazzle…when they told me their idea of doing “Christmas in July,” I was totally on board. Why wait until December to start thinking of Christmas gift ideas, when there are great deals going on now?

I ordered this “Travel, Sleep, Repeat” wood canvas for Hudson and was SO happy with how it turned out that I decided I couldn’t wait until December to give it to him. Whoops!

And I might have went just a little bit overboard on the customizing stuff. Zazzle literally lets you customize almost anything! I made custom throw pillows for my friends getting married this year, and even a custom-designed “I’m so fancy”tank top that I was planning to give my sister, but might just keep for myself.

Seriously, check out Zazzle if you need Christmas gift ideas! And let me know what you’re planning to buy for your husband this year, because I obviously need another idea!