Date Idea: Deer Spotting

deer spottingdeer spottingIt’s great having a golf course in your backyard…unless you don’t play golf.

But we’ve learned that even if you’re as bad at golfing as we are, there are still plenty of fun things you can do on a golf course.

One thing that Em and I discovered is that golf courses make a great place to do massive “Easter Egg Hunts” (with golf balls) and the best part is you don’t even have to hide the eggs before you go look for them!

Golf courses also make the perfect place to take a walk. Great landscaping, paved paths, periodic water stations, and maps in case you get lost – golf courses sound like the amusement park for walkers! The only problem is the dozens of golf balls and angry golfers. It would be amusing to just slowly stroll along and make golfers turn red in the face from the frustration of having to wait for you to get out of their way. BUT I make it a practice of mine to not get people with clubs in their hands upset.

Em and I found the perfect way to avoid the angry golfers and enjoy the amusement park for walkers…go when it is completely dark!

We recently got really cool Coleman headlamps and flashlights. We hit the paths, and quickly realized that the other good thing about it being completely dark is that people wouldn’t see how ridiculous we looked walking around a golf course in the middle of the night with headlamps on. :)

One of the flashlights is this super bright spotlight. For fun, Em and I like to point our flashlights directly up in the air and move the beams back in forth to try to make people think that there is some blue light special going on in the middle of the golf course!

One night I got this great idea to go out on a deer hunt armed with nothing but headlamps and flashlights. I knew that there are tons of deer in the area because I spend most drives to and from work swerving out of the way of the deer in the road. I swear that the deer around here just cross the road for fun. It’s like they are playing the game Frogger…only they are deer (would that make the game be called Deerer?) In fact, last year one of the deer hit Em’s van. But we won’t talk about that :) [Read more…]

The Convertible Laptop That’s Rocked Our Tech World

yoga pro 3 review

Being newlywed bloggers living in the DC/Baltimore area means we’re always on the go.

Whether at work, a concert, a museum…or even traveling to speak at blog conferences or to conduct blog coaching sessions…there is always something to keep us busy.

lenovo yoga pro 3 review

While we love having a busy lifestyle, one thing we don’t always enjoy is having to “pack” for each different occasion. Especially when it comes to electronics. There are so many different accessories for our various cameras, speakers, and phones…and don’t even get me started on the computers. I have a work laptop, blogging laptop, and “home” laptop – none of which are very versatile.

lenovo yoga pro 3

The worst thing is when I take my blogging laptop somewhere, only to realize that I need to access something that’s on my other laptop at home. And then there’s the fact that it’d be a lot more convenient to have a tablet for my blog coaching sessions, but I really want a keyboard for blog conferences. I told Hudson the other week that there HAS to be something that combines the best of both worlds. [Read more…]


royal caribbean cruise reviewsroyal carribbean cruise reviewroyal caribbean cruises reviewroyal carribbean cruise reviewsroyal caribbean cruises reviewsroyal caribbean cruise reviewroyal carribbean cruises reviewroyal carribbean cruises reviewsgopoleIf you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen we went on a cruise last month! It was a 10 night cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas :)

We had SUCH a nice time together. And we couldn’t have asked for more perfect timing. It was so good to just get away and have time to laugh, cry, and just be with each other. And have FUN!

We decided that — besides growing closer to Jesus and sharing God’s love with others — one of the best ways for us to honor Dad’s legacy is to have fun. Two weeks before he died, Dad actually randomly bought us a GoPro to take on our cruise. That’s just the type of person he was – so generous, always thinking of other people, and looking for opportunities to make memories.

And wow did we ever make a lot of memories on this trip!! I think the best way to share about the trip is to go day by day…

Days 1-4: At Sea

We left from Baltimore, which was so nice to just drive 20 minutes and be dropped off by friends instead of having to fly to the cruise port!

We spent most of the first few days trying to figure out our way around the ship. Even though it was actually one of the “smaller” cruise ships, it was huge!

From the very beginning, we were amazed at how well the crew treated us. We had read lots of Royal Caribbean cruise reviews which said we’d be treated like royalty, but we really were. We were amazed at how the maitre d’, waiters, and even cleaning staff knew our names.

And there was SO much to do! Every hour contained multiple things to do — bingo, trivia, dance and workout classes, and even a spelling bee! Hudson said I will love being in a retirement home someday because I was so excited about all the activities!!

Day 5: Cozumel, Mexico

First port, and it was amazing! Through the ship, we booked a snorkel tour and they took us to three different reefs. They gave us about 45 minutes at each reef, and after the first one, Hud reached into the pocket of his swim trunks and realized he had been diving into the depths of the sea with his phone in his pocket! Whoops. We were amazed to see that it was still on and working! Such a blessing that also made for a fun story!

After snorkeling, we did a little shopping and exploring. We then ended up at the beach right near the pier. We were surprised there was hardly anyone there…the water was so clear, it was just beautiful!

Day 6: Georgetown, Grand Cayman

At this port, they had to “tender” us in — the water was too shallow for the boat to dock, so they took us on a smaller boat to the pier. Even that was fun!

We went swimming with dolphins this day!! Dolphins are my favorite animal so I was really looking forward to this :) The dolphins were so friendly and smart. One of the times when Hudson was supposed to grab onto the dolphin’s flipper, he accidentally missed it…but the dolphin just calmly waited until he grabbed on, and then it took off!

Afterwards, we got a fresh coconut and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping!

Day 7: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The port was actually in Falmouth — about 45 minutes away from Montego Bay — but we booked a tour to Doctor’s Cave Beach.

We were supposed to ride with a bunch of people, but they didn’t show up, so it ended up being a private ride! The driver “Cole” was really fun and would say “Yeah mon” about twice a minute, which of course I then started doing :)

He was a great tour guide — even showed us the elementary school where Usain Bolt learned to run! Cole took us on a “detour,” which we were a little concerned about but were really thankful we did because we got to see a lot more of what real Jamaica is like. We loved the beach, but actually had just as much fun on the ride to and from it!

The beach was beautiful, and also really fun because there was a trampoline in the middle of the water. We spent a couple hours doing dives and flips off of it :)

After swimming for a while, we decided to explore beyond the private beach and had a pretty cool shopping experience. There were a bunch of touristy stores, but then this Jamaican lady led us behind all of that to this area where a bunch of like 2 foot huts were set up with people’s personal stores.

As much as we loved the touristy areas, we really enjoyed getting to talk with everyday people and see more of what the country is like.

Day 8: Labadee, Haiti

Labadee is Royal Caribbean’s private island, which meant there were a ton of incredible excursions to choose from! We actually did two this day: parasailing in the morning, and going down the biggest zip line over water in the world in the evening!

And of course we spent the afternoon at the beach :)

I had thought I would like this port the least, but it was actually my favorite!! A great way to end our time at the ports!

Days 9-11

Back at sea, we continued to participate in a lot of the daily ship activities – and spend a lot of time eating :) The Royal Caribbean cruise reviews were right – the food was amazing!

Hudson’s claim to fame is that he is the grand champion of the bean bag toss!!

We were on a team together and beat out everyone, and then they made us go head to head – going up a floor and dropping them down into the center, then up another floor, then another and another until we were dropping them four floors down!! It was crazy – people chose sides and were chanting both of our names – and he totally beat me! :)

We tried to make the most of the time we had left…and dream about future vacations! :)

It was SUCH a fun trip and I can’t wait to go on another cruise…hopefully sometime soon!

Special thank you to Royal Caribbean for treating us so well!!

And thank you also to our other sponsor, GoPole! A lot of the photos were actually taken with our GoPro (no, Hudson did not have his phone out in the water except for the snorkeling trip!) thanks to our GoPole accessories.

Their products are absolutely amazing and helped us capture so many incredible memories! We used the GoPole Bobber, ScenLapse, and Evo almost daily on the trip. I highly recommend you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

If you have been on a cruise before, we’d love to hear what your favorite parts of it were!