Creative Oatmeal Recipes

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As I shared earlier this week, cooking during the holidays can feel overwhelming.

Often, the last thing I feel like doing when I get home from a long day at work is spending hours in the kitchen. And I have heard from many of our readers that they feel the same way.

So today, I wanted to share another pantry staple of mine: Quaker® products!

I’m always looking for wholesome, delicious products that make for quick meals we can fit into our busy lifestyle.

Although in the past I had thought of Quaker® products as breakfast foods, they really can be used for meals of all occasions – so I want to try making more creative oatmeal recipes with them. They also make great snacks (I may or may not have eaten a good portion of the product as I was trying to cook)!

The other night we had friends over for dinner and I was trying to think of some creative oatmeal recipes that would be quick. Often, I feel like most of the “quick” meals I try to throw together don’t turn out the best. [Read more…]

Rice Recipes for Easy Holiday Cooking

Tracking PixelToday’s blog post about rice recipes is sponsored by Minute® Rice, however all opinions are my own.

rice recipesI don’t know about you, but I tend to feel overwhelmed during the holidays.

As I shared earlier this week, we had five different types of Friendsgivings/Thanksgivings and have six upcoming Christmas parties, plus cookie swaps and other get-togethers in between. Although I love spending time with family and friends, it can be exhausting!

On top of that, work has been busy so I have been trying to work longer hours when I can.

Often, the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is cooking.

When you think about how much time goes into cooking good, non-freezer meals and then cleaning up after all that work, it really adds up! Thankfully, Hudson has been so sweet to take on the cleaning so that I can focus on cooking. But, it still takes more time than I’d like after working a full day!

And, I feel like most of the “quick” meals I try to throw together don’t turn out the best. Except for when I cook with Minute® Rice. That has been my pantry staple, and my go-to for easy rice recipes and more!

Hudson loves Minute® Rice too because we can easily throw in various meats and veggies and have a nice meal, or just enjoy it as a side. It makes a great addition to a wholesome meal. Their new Multi-Grain Medley is the best! It’s a blend of 100% whole grains, including long grain brown rice, Thai red rice, wild rice, and quinoa…and cooks in just 10 minutes!

Today, I thought I’d share one of our favorite rice recipes: “spicy shrimp with peas & multi-grain rice.” [Read more…]

Top 5 Party Planning Ideas

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party planning inspiration

One thing I love about the holidays is all of the opportunities to celebrate! From five different types of Friendsgivings/Thanksgivings, to six different Christmas parties, and cookie swaps / other get-togethers in between, Hudson and my schedule can look exhausting sometimes! But it is SO much fun to get together with friends and family!

I also love the party planning aspect of everything! So today, I thought I would share some party planning ideas with you — from how to make your party memorable to how to save money on a party. Here are my top 5 party planning ideas!

party planning

Party Planning Ideas

1. Always remember that party planning and decorating can be a way to show love.

My wonderful mother-in-law is the queen of party planning! She not only has the best meals, but also the best decorations and tablescapes. These photos are of her beautiful tablescape she created for Hudson’s birthday meal over Thanksgiving!

I also love that she is sure to mention how decorating can convey love to those around us. In her own words, “My decorating is done with prayers and loved conveyed to those family and friends that I am creating a special atmosphere for, to make sure they feel all wrapped up in love and joy!”

Isn’t that so sweet?! Sometimes it can be easy to get stressed out party planning and decorating, but when you think about it from the perspective Hudson’s mom has, it really changes things!

2. Make a schedule.

I’ve found that a lot of times, prior to parties, I get really worried about how we will keep everyone occupied and make them happy. So one of my party planning ideas is to make a schedule of events! I make mine very detailed; starting with “guests arriving” for a 20 minute period, then “guests mingling” for a 15 minute period after that, and continuing on with the event.

The important thing to remember about a schedule is that it’s good to have one, but also good to be flexible when the party is actually happening. I’ve found that I rarely follow my schedule to a “t” but it is always helpful for me (and calming to me!) to have one prepared. [Read more…]