How Often Do You Get An Oil Change?

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How often do you get an oil change?

I never used to know how frequently you were supposed to – or even really cared about changing the oil at all, for that matter.

Until I started driving our van :)

how often do you get an oil change

Our van is a 1997 Chevy Conversion Van, and it was a gift from Hudson’s parents. We are SO thankful for it, because it is completely paid off and very easy to take care of, but it has definitely seen better days. It’s missing the rear view mirror, the AC and speakers are blown out, the brakes are worn, and the driver’s side door barely opens due to a run-in it had with a deer. [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day Party

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Can you believe Valentine’s Day is in three weeks? I feel like we were JUST celebrating Christmas!

Although Hudson and I have Valentine’s Day plans of our own, we wanted to throw a party for our friends to let them know how much we love and appreciate them as well.

Let me take a step back. When we moved to Maryland two years ago, we literally knew NO ONE. We knew this was where God wanted us to be, but it was discouraging not having anyone (besides each other, which is a wonderful thing too) to hang out with and share life with! I may or may not have shed a few tears over the fact that I just wanted friends like I had in high school and college.

Thankfully, after four months of searching for a church that we really felt was the right place for us, we became members of one about ten minutes away. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if we hadn’t have found it! Because through that, we got connected with a lot of young adults in the area and ultimately became part of a small group.

That small group has been the backbone of our friendships these last two years. And I really can’t imagine our life without them.

So we wanted to throw a “we love you!” party this year, and had a lot of fun doing so! [Read more…]

Quick Meal Ideas

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For some reason I always think January will be less busy than the November and December holiday season, but of course that is never the case.

Just wanted to post quickly today to share that one of my go-to quick meal ideas is to make Banquet dinners and pot pies, as well as Chef Boyardee meals. Banquet salisbury steak and Chef Boyardee ravioli are two of our favorite quick meal ideas!

Walmart’s rollback prices on frozen Banquet dinners and pot pies and Chef Boyardee cans help me spend less time in the kitchen, and – more importantly – save money.

I couldn’t resist sharing that through February 24, 2015, frozen Banquet dinners and pot pies are just $0.80 each! And now through March 16, 2015, Chef Boyardee 14.5-15 oz cans are just $0.75 each! View the list of Banquet meals here and Chef Boyardee cans here.

Stock up on this great deal at Walmart while supplies last! You’ll see the Rollback signs for Banquet in the freezer section and Chef Boyardee in the canned food aisle.

What are your favorite quick meal ideas? Share them below!